LiveTv4Me ripped me off of 40 dollars.

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I subcribed to LiveTv4Me.At first, I was able to get on with no problem.

There were many channels but nothing local to choose from. Most of them were foreign. The next time I signed on, the website wasn't there. I kept getting a message that the website was wrong.

I threw 40 bucks down the toilet. This is a scam and I recommend not buying into it. Don't get pulled in like I did.

I thought this was too good to be true and now I am paying for my stupidity.Next time I see something "TO GOOD TO BE TRUE" I'll look further into it.

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Ripped off by LiveTV4Me

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I signed up for the online site and hoped to get international programs.I actaully downloaded their program twice, by accident, because I could not get the site after I paid for it the first time.

So I thought maybe I didn't sign up for it properly or my payment didn't go through. I could not find my confirmation receipt.

So I later repaid for another download, and found out again later that I could not see any programs.All I get when I log on to is their commercial to sign up for their site.

I was ripped off twice and I'm Pissed !!

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LiveTV4me Stay Away

Atlanta, Georgia 4 comments
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I purchased livetv4me on line.What a piece of ***.

You don't even get your local channels. When going to full screnn quality is beyond poor.

Don't waste your money. USA channels are some I never even heard of, nothing local or network at all. The other countries I can not speak to.

This product is offered in a FREE computer scam so buyer beware. If you want tv on your computer shop around and ask questions before buying and getting stuck.

THEY WILL NOT GIVE A REFUND....Well thats enough from me, as you can tell I am un happty.

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Stay away from this program.

No support and it hardly works at all.


I just purchased their plan about two weeks ago.They sent me a link which did not work.

I think it is a scam because they have not responded to my several emails and phone messages.I am very much upset with this company and am concerned about loosing my $39.95 I have paid them.


LiveTV4me is a scam.No way to contact customer support or telephone numbers that work.

They ignore all messages and the product won't register or show me one TV channel, let alone 1000 channels.

Piece of *** with zero support.Buyer beware.


Thanks for the information.I was considering purchasing this product until I read some of these posts.

I'm sorry you guys got burned, but thanks for "saving" me.:)

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livetv4me - Watch out for!!

Andover, Minnesota 0 comments
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I used the website as I though it would be a cheap idea to watch cable tv over the internet on my laptop.I paid the $33.90 for the download and did download.

Afterwards I watched a few channels and was not impressed. The next day I again visited the site and continued to be dissatisfied with the site so I got on the "chat" to talk to a representive. The four quick sentences of chat lasted 20 with a last message telling me there are no refunds. I angrily asked why it took 20 minutes to tell me that.

Afterwards I tried, unsuccesfully to get back on the site to verify the no refund statement. I was unable to. My computer kept freezing up so I logged off my computerand tried to log back on. All of a sudden there was a problem with my downloaded software that ended erasing on my computer data.

I am sitll trying to get internet connection back but my computer cannot at this time.So, just a warning of the site to all!!

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